Friday, May 20, 2011

House 7x20 - "Changes" - Mini-Recap and Review

House and Thirteen chow down on chips as they observe the patient.
 I'm catching up on House episodes, so here we go with season 7 episode 20! The summary is short but (warning) SPOILERY. More of a mini-recap.

Spoilery Summary: Cuddy's mom threatens to start a huge lawsuit over her treatment at the hospital, but we later discover that it was just a ploy to get House and Cuddy back together by uniting them against a common enemy. Foreman struggles with his emotionally repressed nature and Chase struggles to maintain his recent chastity streak. Thirteen and House play the usual game of challenge; House overanalyzes her cynicism  about romance and Thirteen simply states, "We are who we are." Meanwhile, the patient is conned by his cousin while searching for a long-lost love but finds her in the end. Yay!

My thoughts: Quite a good episode, with the best parts being the Wilson/House and Thirteen/House interaction. Wilson and House are really the emotional heart of the show, because Wilson is his best friend, his moral compass, and his foil all in one. Thank God Robert Sean Leonard isn't actually leaving next year (it's sad that Lisa Edelstein is, but it's not quite as hard a loss as his would be). And it's awesome to have Thirteen back. She's really House's equal, the one who challenges him and isn't intimidated by him, which is always refreshing and fascinating to watch. At the same time, she's so much like him--damaged and cynical. Love their dynamic. House and Cuddy's dynamic, on the other hand, is a little dull, and I wasn't particularly interested in their plotline. Otherwise, the case-of-the-week was woven in well with the characters. Not a particularly dramatic episode, but a compelling one! 7/10

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