Friday, May 20, 2011

Bones 6x22 - "The Change in the Game" Recap & Review

Booth and Bones amusingly undercover as bowlers Buck and Wanda.
Ah, Bones, why such a lackluster finale? In any case, here it is: season 6 episode 22! The summary and review are under the cut as usual. Proceed, but remember, spoilers ahead!

 Spoilery Summary: A body is found in a bowling alley--but who cares about the murder of the week anyway? What everyone really wants to know is what happened between Booth and Brennan, and that question is answered: yes, they had sex, and yes, Brennan is pregnant (which most spoiler-readers have expected for a while after learning that Emily Deschanel herself has a bun in the oven). Also, Hodgins and Angela have their baby, which is *not* blind after all.

My thoughts: Disappointing. Granted, it was adorable how Angela and Hodgins made "Vincent" the baby's middle name (in honor of the late squintern Vincent Nigel Murray), and that scene actually made me tear up. On the Booth/Brennan front, however, the "big reveal" of her pregnancy only turned into a huge letdown. Even if I hadn't known it was coming, I would still have been furious that we didn't even get to see a kiss to represent the first actual consummation of their relationship. Six seasons, and not even a kiss! That "bedroom scene" sans any romantic involvement was awkward to begin with, and now it's annoying too, because apparently a hug is all we get. I am miffed. I appreciate that Hart Hanson is finally ignoring the stupid "Moonlighting curse" and putting B&B together in an unconventional way, but really, dedicated fans deserved more than a hug, fade-out, and suggestive smile from Brennan the next day. Plus the case of the week took up way too much of the episode. It seems to me that to hold an audience's interest, a script must appeal to the watchers' emotions through character development, and that's not what the Bones writers are currently doing. They need to focus more on their characters rather than their weekly investigation and concentrate on linking the cases more to the main characters, because currently it's getting really easy to lose interest in the show. Mediocre episode. Even worse for a finale. 4/10

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  1. Totally agree on Ep 23!!! Such a disappointment. Especially following from Ep 22 where Vincent died, that was a powerful Ep. This one? And the whole, they're now together thing and we don't even get to witness it? Cop out, I think. Not pleased. Totally with you. After six seasons, we NEEDED to see them actually getting togehter. Even if it was in flashback after the fact. Not pleased at all!